Hiding Inside Myself

I want to navigate away,
Miles apart from those judging eyes,
Eyes that stare,
Lips that talk,
Opposing, critizing, humiliating me
From side to side.

I want to be alone,
I want to think all by myself,
For it only brings me into tears,
And it also break me into pieces.

Will I’ll find someone who will understand me ?
Or find some place where I will belong,
Be happy and get rid of those memories so painful,
and thoughts that are so sad ?
Moving on to the next level of my life
With a smile on my face,
And a hopeful heart.

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My Star

Every night,
I always look at the sky
With the stars at night
Wishing that you are one of those that I see,
Twinkling at this very moment,
The one whose guiding me,
In every thing that I do,
In every path I take.

Even if I want to express,
My deepest feeling for you,
Through my kisses from your lips
Going around your whole body,
And my slightest touch..
If only I could do,
But you’re miles away from me.

Even though you’re so far,
I think you’re just near…
All along you are just here…
Inside my heart and mind…
My love, my star of my life.

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Stars guided you to find me,
On that place where the only light
Comes from the moon so full.

You wrapped me around your arms,
And kissed my lips tenderly,
My body wants to fall,
On that soft grass,
With you on my top,
And your lips still attached to mine,
And from that very moment…
I want you to make love on me…
Under the pale moonlight…
with just you and me.

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