Not all Guys are Mr. Nice Guy

“… Sabagay, hindi ka naman maganda and mukha kang madumi…” isang linya ng text mula sa isang nakakainis na lalaki…. arrggh.. First time ko makabasa noon sa text from a guy.

What a guy. He was one of the guys that I’m highlighting as ” BEWARE!”  He even had another text before that but it’s rude and a “Hitting below the belt” text. Darn guy! I really despised those kind of guys.

At first, he was nice. He was asking me to be his girl on the first meeting. But I can’t actually feel that he was serious. Until I said that “you’re just a friend to me”. Then he texted those rude messages. Well, although I’m pissed off with him…. I’ll just leave everything else to God..







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Making Decision about Truth: Unveil it or Hide it?

                    You know what??? It’s hard to make comments about someone. However, which one should I follow:

A) The saying that : What he doesn’t know, does not hurt.


B) “The truth hurts for a little while, but lies hurt forever.”  – Eileen Parra

                    It is hard. Because in every action, comes a reaction. I don’t want to make him blind from all those lies…yet, interfering can result in greater damage. I want to choose A for the benefit of the other but it would wide the truth from the other person. But another side of me wants to choose B because I love the other person cause he’s my friend. 

                    In the end, I choose B. I just hope it is the right decision.

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Pain… How long would it last?

Masakit sa akin

Sarili kong kaibigan ang aking pinagtaksilan.

Sabi ko, mahal ko siya… pero anong ginawa ko? Isa akong masamang kaibigan? 

Now… I’m paying the price. I was so stupid. TANGA. Bakit ko nga ba ginawa ang bagay na iyon? Alam ko ng Mali pero akin pa rin itinuloy.

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Pain Inside

It really hurts when you hurt somebody you love. You know it’s hard to make decisions. But that’s what life is. You have to decide — whether you like it or not. accept the consequences. Even if you turn back, there’s nothing you can do… Accept… Move on.

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